Retail Wine & Spirits Traning and Outreach

Retail Wine & Spirits

Retail Wine & Spirits Training & Outreach

If you are a small to medium retail store that is looking to upgrade your customer’s buying experience to compete with the larger stores why not start with the education of your staff. The increase knowledge will provide you with the ability to increase inventory depletions and develop repeat business in a defined part of the market that the big guys can’t compete.

Goal: A program that meets your brand and is easy to be measured. Define the length of time and how to measure.

Integrity:  We will not work with a competitor. You will know what other customers we are working with within your vertical. New customers are approved by current customers.

Training: A program will be designed and approved by you based on the current results and programs you are currently using. The object will be to have an ongoing program that will impress your customers and increase the size of your individual sales.

Support: When designing a program it is important to measure. Someone will have to provide information that will support the program. We will went to establish a marketing program that will help build the new brand.

Timeline: In developing a timeline we will have to be honest with each other that lays out the length of the program and how much time you expect from us. We need to have achievable expectations.

We look forward to working with you.