Restaurant & Hospitality Wine Tasting Series

Restaurant Groups

Basic Wine Dinner Training & Outreach

We are a solution to helping you increase the education of your staff to drive higher depletion rates, increase revenues and increase employee earnings. If you have an ongoing wine education program, you will be able to attract better employees while increasing the customer experience which will provide repeat sales.

When we engage a Restaurant Group, we are cognizant of their main goals. They are to increase depletions and turnover inventory. There are support disciplines that can help in attaining these goals while increasing others.

Goal: A clearly defined program that allows for easy measurement. It is important for us to agree on what we need to accomplish and where will the measurement come from. Is it the number of bottles, building the wine brand, combination of sold versus reduction of old inventory, etc.

Training: If you want to sell more, we need to have a staff that can educate the customer and make them feel comfortable with their decision. The ability for your servers to give a good recommendation helps in building your wine brand and up sell the customer which raises revenue for the restaurant and higher income for the servers. After all, most restaurants do not have a committed person that only sells wine. Plus, this brings a consistent message to the customer across the Restaurant Group.

Food Pairings: We need to educate the servers as to which wines are on the list to pair with each entrée. This is also important for Wine Dinners. As you go forward in entrée development, we need to work with distributors to bring on new wines to pair with new entrees. Also, we can help in rotating wines for the season.

Support: Support will be needed from many. Finance will help us measure for our goals, marketing will help in promotions and the distributor will be a great partner in the success.

Integrity: We will not work with a competitor to your group. Any new Restaurant Group will be approved by you the Restaurant Group. We do not want to help your competitor.

Timeline: Part of the goal should be a defined length of time and how much time should be committed each week. We need to have all of the expectations on the table.

Look forward in helping you and being on the same page.