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The Gifted Palate Partnership Experience.

One of the benefits we can provide a winery is the commitment to them in helping to grow their business through tastings and our DTC site.

We are firm believers in growing sales through social contact. While you concentrate on getting customers to the vineyards and into the tasting room, we can concentrate on extending your sales effort in the Southwest and Southern California.


We work with your staff to develop presentations that will support the product tasting and promotes the vineyard branding. Putting together winemaker podcasts is a plus. Visiting the vineyard and knowing the essence of your story. Sharing customers from a specific zip code will help each other.

DTC Site:

We would want to put specific product on our site that helps you render sales for your higher end and small production product line

Partner Benefits:

  1. Reduced selling expenses
  2. Increased sales and exposure to a specific market
  3. Multiple city commitment can be discussed
  4. Increased reach to customers at restaurants, distributors and country clubs
  5. Expanded database
  6. Access to high income market
  7. Represented by trained wine salesman and sommelier
  8. Access to support personnel with wine background

Wine Tastings:

We can help coordinate the reservation and supplies needed to have a successful tasting. Follow up with the customers to make sure they have all of the vineyard information and coordinate sales at the event.

Wine Classes:

If you would rather have a classroom presentation to totally educate a group on the entire product line, we can accomplish as well. Again, working with your marketing department will be important

Winery Tasting Partner Benefits

  • The Gifted Palate to provide tastings of a winery products in Southwest.
  • Complete education of the product before executing.
  • Creative content provided by winery.
  • Minimize expenses.
  • Basis - the best winery sales happen in the tasting room.
  • Multiple types of tastings – classroom, restaurant, country club, distributor, etc.
  • DTC potential for viable, craft products under 5000 cases.
  • Include winemaker podcast or YouTube presentations.
  • Commitments can be for a single tasting our group of tastings under a contract.
  • After an education of the complete portfolio, we will educate our staff to handle a tasting of any size.
  • In the end, the best sale is one – on – one. We want to educate and sell them an experience, not just a bottle of wine.

Co – Op Partner Tastings

One of our strengths is the education of the consumer. We are engaging in partnerships with wineries, importers and distributors. The ability to customize tastings to help restaurants and country clubs be more successful in their beverage programs. This gives a brand the ability to have grass - roots tasting to a select audience whether it is consumer or any group with a food and beverage program.

Example of tastings:

  1. Wine Dinners at restaurants or country clubs
  2. Wine Tasting/Class on specific styles of wine
  3. Brand Tastings for a wine brand supported by an Importer within a defined market or audience
  4. Distributor Tasting to increase traffic for a brand within the portfolio
  5. Multiple Winery Partners Tasting
  6. Design, implement and support a true ongoing wine and spirit training program designed to support current and new hires

We are about educating the individual to increase their ability to have a good experience in what they purchase

Property Management Delivery Program

The mission of the PMDP is to provide a service of buying and delivering alcohol products to the customers of property management companies delivered to the individual customer upon arrival. Our understanding and knowledge give’s us the ability to buy these products at the best possible price. We will attain and work with the property management company to deliver this through the entire stay. At the end, we will contract to store left over product until the following stay no matter where it is in the local area. Since we have the knowledge and experience, we can help substitute products that are not distributed or bring in from another state or through Direct to Consumer sites.


  1. Wine
  2. Whiskey & cordials
  3. Bubbles
  4. Beer
  5. Mixes
  6. Specific stemware

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We are the company clients turn to for fine wine expertise above and beyond the average, we strive to be the most comprehensive resource available in the marketplace. 

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