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The Gifted Palate Concierge Experience.

If you don't yet have a Wine Concierge, you may be curious about the benefits.

We provide advice on the finest undiscovered craft wines, whiskey’s and bubbles. Please ask us how we might help with:

  1. Locate something special and unique by producer or vintage.
  2. Recommend compatible bottles with specific foods.
  3. Provide orders for receptions or parties.
  4. Provide private dinners or tastings.
  5. Deliver unique gifts.


“Concierge Services” is a level of support for the individual wine & spirit” consumer and collector at the highest level.

We at The Gifted Palate are here to help you in a variety of services. First, and most important to us is to understand your palate and what style you like to consume. We will want to know what you have had and currently like. It is important to develop a price level that you are interested in. We follow up with education that will help in decision making. Remember, we are trying to provide the best possible experience that fits your palate for your budget.

Second, if you are looking for a bottle that is hard to find because of vintage or lack of production, let us try and find it through our contacts. Collectors will have a need to fill a spot in their cellar based on previous consumption or from knowledge from another collector. We will discuss how it fits with the collection, with your palate and what the expectations can be from the search.

Along with this service, we would love to help you set up a program to stock your cellar. You might have just bought a new cellar and want to fill it or are looking for a review of current holdings and what would be a natural fit to fill out the holes.

Finally, we all need to find gifts for special friends or holidays. Let’s discuss the personality of the person and maybe what they like to drink and eat. After setting up a budget, let us provide options.

Exclusive Private Party Services

Wine Tastings

We are the company clients turn to for fine wine expertise above and beyond the average, we strive to be the most comprehensive resource available in the marketplace. 

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Things about wine you didn’t know!​

What are sulfites?

Sulfites in wine are chemical compounds (sulphur dioxide, or SO2) that occur naturally, to varying degree, in all types of wine.

Ancient cultures in Greece, Rome, and Egypt, used sulfites to sterilize their containers of wine.

Because sulfites are anti-microbial, it has the ability of killing off unwanted bacterias and wild yeast during wine making.

What are wine tannins?

Tannins are a compound found in wine that give wine an astringent, mouth-drying effect.

Tannins in found in the skins, seeds, and stalks of grapes, and play a prominent role in the chemical composition of red wine.


Why age red wine - but not white?

Why age red wine, you ask? For the mystique of course! The aging of wine, typically red wine, to improve its quality, depth, and character is an element to wine that distinguishes it from other consumable goods/drinks.

The aging of wine also augments wine's cherished mystique.