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Following the crash, president Olusegun Obasanjo ordered all Sosoliso planes grounded. As soon as Mother walked into the kitchen and began making calls, we changed the station to MTV Base and began jamming along to the hip-hop songs we had missed out on while in school. December 10, 2020. Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 (SO1145/OSL1145) was a scheduled Nigerian domestic passenger flight from Nigeria's capital of Abuja (ABV) to Port Harcourt (PHC). The crash killed 107 people on board, leaving only two survivors including Okwuchi. I am also grateful to you all for your support as I live my dream. #6 California. 6. March 14, 2002, a Joint Task Force (JTF) helicopter crashed in Kabong, Jos, killing all onboard. Among the passengers were about sixty-one secondary school students from Loyola October 29, 2006, Aviation Development Corporation Airline Boeing 737 crashed minutes after take-off from Abuja airport. The majority of those on board were children aged between 12 - 16 year old who were travelling home for Christmas holiday. March 27, 2005, one of the engines of a Boeing 737 belonging to Bellview caught fire. This call was made about 100 feet (30m) below the decision altitude. Among the victims were 61 secondary school pupils . What do you do when your Father dies in a plane crash Sosoliso Airline Crash leaving you with all of his wealth which results in your mother hating you? The United Front for Nigerias Liberation claimed responsibility. 83 . Mother would take succor in alcohol. Obi A.N. Two people died. ILOBI N. MRS FEMALE The sun refused to shine the day Father died. 62. All the latest breaking news on Sosoliso plane Crash. The crash, according to reports, happened between Port Harcourt and Abuja and claimed the lives of about 108 people, leaving just two survivors. Youre a light and God has chosen to illuminate the world through you, I believe. United Nigeria Airlines was established in 2020. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! The Ikeja special offences court has ordered Kayode Odukoya, managing director of First Nation Airways Limited, to open his defence in the N1. Sosoliso has not made a public statement on the crash. Plane crash often doesnt come as a result of one cause but several. 6 out of 104 people on board survived. 96. It was reported that she survived the crash with minor injuries and left her sickbed at the Shell Clinic in Rivers State in good health. Every 10th of December, Loyola Jesuit College students gather to celebrate the 60 students who died in the Sosoliso plane crash in Port-Harcourt, 2005. 30. The rain had just stopped, Adejare and I were watching T.V., we had come home from boarding school to attend Aunty Mopelolas wedding ceremony. International airlines briefly suspended flights at Lagos international airport because of holes in the runway. Male Giu 11, 2022 | narcissistic withdrawal. She has had well over 100 surgeries because of the . In January 2009 Harold Demuren, the director general of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), said that the families of the air crash victims would be compensated and that Sosoliso had already paid $2.3 million into an escrow account to compensate the families. December 10, 2020, marked the 15th year anniversary of the crash of Sosoliso Airlines Flight SO1145, with registration number 5N-BFD, at the Port Harcourt . The controller should have asked the crews to be vigilant on the prevailing wind condition. August 2, 2007, a Bristow-owned helicopter crashed inside ExxonMobil facility in Port Harcourt. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". She has over 10 years experience in content writing on entertainment, movies, sports and lifestyle. BADEU I. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. AutoJosh. out the names of the victims of the Sosoliso plane crash. When US Airways Flight 427 began its approach to land in Pittsburgh on September 8, 1994, the Boeing 737 suddenly rolled to the left and plunged 5,000 feet to the ground, killing all 132 people . He was a 48-year-old pilot with a total flying experience of 10,050 hours with 1,900 of . There were a total of 109 people on board the Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 including the flight crew. Jesus loves you and wants you to be his. The planes passengers included 71 teenagers from the Ignatius Loyola Jesuit College in the capital, Abuja. The Plane Crash Fifteen minutes to the end of the flight, the pilot announced that we were soon to land in the Port Harcourt airport. December 10 marked the 17th anniversary of the infamous Sosoliso plane crash which claimed the lives of 108 passengers, 59 of which were students of the Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja. Replies. sosoliso plane crash survivor bunmi amusan. articles are solely the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers Of, Euro 2020: Ramos Reacts To His Exclusion From Spain Team, PHOTOS: Meet Iya Orisa, The 136-Year-Old Priestess Who Lives Under Olumo Rock, PDP Rubbishes Rumors Of Adelekes Defection To APC, Tinubu Meets Dangote, Otedola In Abuja (Photos), Naira Redesign Policy: Resign Immediately APC Tells Malami, Emefiele, Buhari Was Deceived Over Naira Redesign Policy Yahaya Bello, Airlines Sue Dutch Government Over Flight CutsI, Rivers APC Governorship Candidate Deletes Congratulatory Post To President Elect, Tinubu: Were Confident Peter Obi Would Reclaim His Mandate Ohanaeze, Major Nigeria Newspaper Headlines Saturday, March 4th 2023, US: Hollywood Actor Tom Sizemore Dies At 61 After Brain Aneurysm, Joe Biden Had Cancerous Skin Lesion Removal, 5 Settings You Should Fix On Your Phone To Extend The Battery Life, Week 35 Pool Result For Sat 4 Mar 2023 UK 2022/2023 Pool Agent, Accept Defeat And Work With Tinubu Yahaya Bello Tells Atiku, Peter Obi, Dont Fail To Deliver Your Campaign Promises Traditional Rulers Tell Tinubu. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Erin grew up with a passion for fashion and beauty. The collision then disintegrated the aircraft. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Why? Learn MoreOk, Got it, Copyright 2023 Tickled Media Pte Ltd. All rights reserved, Get advice on your pregnancy and growing baby. KEMARA H. MRS FEMALE 10. IATA flight No. Nweze C. Miss Female pm. Three of the seven crew members and 29 of the 38 passengers were killed, while two crew members and two passengers sustained serious injuries. The aircraft, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 with 110 people on board, slammed into the ground and burst into flames. IDABOR A. This could include anything from the photographer posting 1-2 photos on social media, to emailing a small . That was the beginning of the emotional abuse I was to suffer from Mother. 38. 13 years after, and our aviation industry still has a lot of work to do in terms of the quality of our airports and the planes on our domestic routes. Kechi Okwuch who was one of the 61 students on the plane, and one of the two survivors of the crash, recently took to her Instagram page to remember the lost souls. The blog quickly gained a following, thanks to Erin's engaging writing style and keen eye for fashion. "All 7 personnel on board died in the crash . This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. F/O Gerald Andan First Officer Male With 103 passengers and 7 staff members on board, the plane departed from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport at 12:25 p.m.At the controls were Captain Adebayo (48), the pilot; First Officer Andan (33), his co-pilot . [7], The cockpit voice recorder revealed that Captain Adebayo had called for a go-around approximately 16 seconds before the crash. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. [7], The final report was published on July 26, 2006. March 8, 2011, HS-125 chartered aircraft crashed in Bauchi. I just feel like part of my life is gone. 1. "The Sosoliso Airline flight 1145 which was scheduled to fly from Abuja to Port Harcourt has crashed. She was to address the press after surviving the crash but her father canceled the press conference. October 3rd 2013, an aircraft belonging to the Associated Airlines conveying the corpse of the former Ondo State governor crashed minutes after take-off at the local wing of the Lagos Airport. Nine people died. She finished in the Bottom 5 of the Top 10. Nonye is currently a content writer at Blackdot Media and founder of December 10, 2005, a Port Harcourt-bound Sosoliso Airlines flight 1145 crash-landed in Port Harcourt Airport, killing 109 passengers. Seventeen people on board were killed, while 72 on the ground also died. The flight has been confirmed to have been . Joyce Egbekobar Purser Female Today I am 30 yrs old & so grateful to God for allowing me to live for the precious souls that were lost on December 10 2005. 53. [21], Of the 103 passengers and 7 crew members there were only two survivors, although seven survivors were initially rescued. 41. ILABOR C. MISS FEMALE Reply. READ ALSO:Euro 2020: Ramos Reacts To His Exclusion From Spain Team. 21. sosoliso plane crash victims names. There were no survivors. This decision was also too late as they still had not configured the aircraft for a go-around and their altitude was already too low. sosoliso plane crash victims names. 99. Tony-Okeke I. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. EDETH S. MRS FEMALE 66. The leading edge of the boundary, in theory, also could have caused an abrupt increase in wind speed and significant changes on the direction of the wind, which would produce wind shear. Daniel Ilabor said all three of his children a boy and two girls were killed. Ozigbo C.C. Unable to make out the unlit runway through the rain, Captain Adebayo called for a go around (missed approach) at an altitude of about 200 feet (61m) or approximately 120 feet (37m) above the ground. May God continue to comfort the families of the sosoliso crash victims especially the woman who lost all her children. September 17, 2006, an 18-seater Dornier 228 Air Force transport plane carrying 15 senior army officers and three crewmembers crashed in Benue State. Air Peace. March 14, 2012, a helicopter conveying the newly promoted Deputy Inspector General of Police, Haruna John, with three other senior police officers crashed in Jos. Corruption and poor leadership. She got married 2 months after the crash to Babajide Adams who was a staff of an insurance company and an usher at the Fountain of Life Church owned by Taiwo Odukoya, husband of late Pastor Bimbo. 0:04. We have missed you Edoo nwannmem. He had his last simulator training at Pan Am International Flight Academy in Miami on 7 July 2005. Bad weather. RIP angels #NeverForgotten.. All stakeholders in the airline industry must commit to operating airworthy equipment and the efficient regulatory environment by NCAA, which ensures that operators maintain high safety standards as stipulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). RIP Angel's, continue resting beautiful ones. Where was David Beckham son , Many photographers provide a sneak peek of a small set of wedding photos within a week, said Inge. Two US citizens and two permanent US residents were among the 72 people killed on Sunday when a Yeti Airlines flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara crashed. She has remained private since the incident, and not much is known about her. Female Life after plane crash Kechi later went on to take part in the twelfth season of Americas Got Talent in 2017 as a singer, and finished the competition as a finalist. MISS FEMALE January 22, 1973, Royal Jordanian Airlines flight 707, carrying 171 Nigerian Muslims returning from Mecca and five crewmen, crashed in Kano. The data then ceased functioning when the aircraft speed was at 160 knots. It does not store any personal data. 59. The investigation of the crash was hampered by the lack of physical evidence on the crash site, which was caused by the aircrafts high speed during impact and by looting afterwards. MISS FEMALE November 7, 1996, Nigerian Aviation Development Corporation (ADC) Airline Boeing 727-231 flying from Port Harcourt plunged into the Lagos lagoon, killing all onboard. Engine failure. The pontiff commends the dead to the eternal mercies of Almighty God and invokes the divine blessings of strength and peace upon all who mourn and upon all engaged in the work of relief, said the telegram sent to Port Harcourt Bishop Monsignor Alexius Obabu Makozi and released by the Vatican. Male Sosoliso plane crash survivor and America's Got Talent finalist, Kechi Okwuchi shocked her fans yesterday when she took the bold step of sharing bikini photos of herself at the beach . The data suggested that at 13:00 p.m, a sea breeze front, possibly reinforced by an outflow, pushed inland in the vicinity of Port Harcourt. The memorial service provides us the opportunity to remember, to mourn, not only these souls but all those who . [27] The other survivor was Bunmi Amusan who survived with 40% burns on her body. 73. 74. Three people died. Igbo Ilapa is a hill located in the Ikogosi town of Ekiti State. 7bn fraud case. GBEMUDU S. MISS FEMALE The National Transportation Safety Board released its preliminary investigation report Tuesday afternoon about the deadly plane crash in Rutherford County last month that killed seven . She was with 61 other students from her school, Loyola Jesuit College Abuja, others sadly lost their lives. Sophia Iroegbu Cabin crew Female Sept. 26 . EZERIBE A. MR MALE Download theAsianparent Community on iOS or Android now! This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The aircraft was engulfed in flames and initially, officials did not think any of the passengers or crew members survived the crash, CNN reported at the time. Read Damietes heartbreaking account of the crash that changed his life forever below. 87. Okwuchi was one of the two survivors in the Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crash on December 10, 2005 that . This was due to the unstable power supply from the Nigerian National Grid and the lack of resources and funds to maintain the lighting in the airport. Ten Victims Identified in Puget Sound Floatplane Crash. Most of the crashes that happened in Nigeria have been attributed to engine failure, especially during landing. Kechi Okwuchi, whos now 30 years old, took to Twitter to remember the day she would have died fourteen years ago. November 13, 1995, Nigeria Airways Boeing 737-2F9 crash-landed in Kaduna. 7. [7], About 140 kilometres (90mi) from the airport, the aircraft contacted controller for initial descent clearance and was cleared by controller to descent to 4,900 metres (16,000ft). Master She was in Secondary School when the crash happened and was on her way home for Christmas break. Some of these victims would get over their losses quickly while some wont. Reply Delete. It was an overwhelming catastrophe that cast a shadow in the lives of everyone involved and the nation as a whole. Male Athletics. Air Peace is a privately owned Nigerian airline that was established in 2013 by a Nigerian lawyer and businessman Allen Onyema. September 12, 1997, NAF Dornier 228-212 in Nguru, Borno State, ran into a ditch during take-off. At about 14:08 local time (13:08 UTC) on 10 December 2005, Flight 1145 from Abuja crash-landed at Port Harcourt International Airport. MR MALE The Nigerian Accident Investigation Bureau concluded that the probable cause of the crash was due to the crew's decision to continue the approach beyond the Decision Altitude without having the runway in sight. It was a News Alert about the Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 scheduled between the Nigerian cities of Abuja (ABV) and Port Harcourt (PHC). is a first-class infotainment platform for the new generation of web & social media users in Nigeria, Africa & diaspora. 22. The first thing most people notice when they meet Kechi Okwuchi is her scars. Nigerian airports have come under criticism in recent months following a string of near-misses and an incident in which an Air France passenger jet crashed into a herd of cows on the runway at Port Harcourt. 0803 561 7233, Ola E. Mr. She had begun to pace around the living room. November 28, 1983, Nigeria Airways F28-1000 crashed near Enugu. EKEFRE U.O. 49. Photo by Chlo Taranto on Unsplash #3 Minnesota. Ntemuse E.K. OLakpe C. Mr. There were several other findings that were included as contributing factors in the crash of Flight 1145. Mr. The recorders were later taken to the United Kingdom for further analysis by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch. A person working as a Pilot in Nigeria typically earns around 569,000 NGN per month. Okwuchi K. Miss. Ten years ago today, a Sosoliso Indeed, less than two months after the crash of Bellview Airline 210 aircraft in Lisa, Ogun State, killing all 117 persons on board, the country's aviation industry was again hit by another tragic incident as a Sosoliso Boeing 727 passenger plane crashed on landing in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. EKERE A.N. 31. 100. MASTER MALE One man was asked to identify a headless corpse. The McDonnell Douglas DC-9 was manufactured in 1972, with 2 Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9A engines, and the serial number 47562/685. Jare, get me my phone came Mothers quivering voice. There were 110 people on board the ill-fated Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 on December 10, 2005. Mr. While others would be busy basking in the joy of Christmas, we would be preparing for Fathers funeral ceremony. Sixteen people died. Access to proper healthcare is almost . Inaccurate weather reports contribute to crashes too. 29. The flight was between Abuja and Port Harcourt. . Your email address will not be published. After earning a degree in marketing, she worked for several years in the fashion industry, gaining valuable experience and insights into the world of style and trends. Not much is known about her as she goes about her life and business privately. Pope Benedict XVI sent his condolences Monday to the families of the victims and offered prayers for relief workers at the site of the accident. Female Women wailed as companions led them to identify the bodies of children and adults, which were being treated by morticians. 37. Till this day, two hole-riddled engines and other body parts of the plane can be found on the hill. Ekohotblog is a news site that grants you access to trending news 24/7. The first officer was Gerad Yakubu Andan,[7][19][20] a 33-year-old Ghanaian with a total flying experience of 920 hours which 670 hours were on the type. BAA V. MASTER MALE MBA C. MR MALE The plane, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 with 110 people on board, burst into flames. Later in the day, Uncle Layode, Fathers elder brother, would place the both of us on his laps and break the news to us. Dec. 12, 2005, 9:07 AM PST / Source: The Associated Press. The aircraft certificate was released on 17 March 2005 and would have been due to another check on 27 June 2006. 48. There were 110 people on board the ill-fated Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 on December 10, 2005. From Aidoghie Paulinus, Abuja. Required fields are marked *. On December 10, 2005, Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 was on a scheduled domestic passenger flight. The controller then cleared the aircraft to land at Runway 21, but warned the pilots that the runway could be slightly wet, indicating that hydroplaning was a possibility. Okwuchi in an Instagram post said she still struggles with the grief of losing loved ones but always prays for strength to keep going no matter how tough the road is. However, the main subject of discussion at the time was the fact that Odukoya was finally marrying again after losing his first wife, Pastor Bimbo, in the Sosoliso airplane crash of 2005. Eighty-seven passengers and a crew on board were killed. One of the survivors, Kechi Okwuchi, went ahead to become an Americas Got Talent star but still has to live with the aftermath of the crash. Okuegbu I. Mr. Immediately after the crash, LAMY I. MR MALE June 3, 2012, Dana Airlines Flight 9J 992, carrying 153 passengers crashed into Iju-Ishaga, a densely populated area in Lagos.

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