March 2019

wine tasting

What is in a Vintage?

What is in a Vintage? Everything! How can you expect the same results from year to year? What about rain fall, low temperatures and high temperatures, sun light, etc. Look, good wine is not cheap. I will not let you buy poor vintages. I did not buy one Napa Valley cabernet from 2011. One of

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Napa Valley vs Bordeaux

Napa Valley vs Bordeaux This is not an argument. They are both great! They are two different styles. Napa usually has 80 – 100% cabernet grape. Bordeaux (Left Bank) usually has 70% or less cabernet. Napa will offer more diversity in complexity because of the geography. Napa has more elevation. Bordeaux is more blended. Napa

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Wine Labels

Wine Labels Do you really know what your drinking? I do. If it is not on the label, I go to the website of the vineyard and download a tasting sheet. If I don’t get the information I want, I send them an email. Don’t you want to know what grapes are used and how

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